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How to celebrate NYE in Malta

What better place to welcome the new year than with a trip to Malta? The Maltese take their celebrations to the next level so the fun is assured on this special day.

1. Party the night away 

Dance your way into the new year. Numerous parties are held all around Malta on New Year’s Eve at clubs such as Tattingers and the Montekristo Estate. Join the fun and countdown to the new year in a lively atmosphere. Events are advertised all over Facebook so make sure to keep your eyes open and book your tickets in advance to avoid disappointment.


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2. Go to a gala dinner

The Maltese love their food and they cook it well too! Dress up for the occasion and attend a gala dinner in the charming island. Make sure to have your glasses filled at the stroke of midnight - you don’t want to miss out on the celebrations.


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3. Welcome Valletta to 2018

Valletta will be 2018’s European Capital of Culture. The Maltese intend to welcome the honour with a magnificent show of skills within the capital itself. In fact, Maltese students have worked on light projections which will be shown, accompanied by a special countdown on New Year's Eve.


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4. Watch the fireworks

The Maltese are renowned for their firework displays. While the skill is expressed throughout the year, New Year’s Eve sees the best work of the pros. Want to find out more? Read on about the history of Maltese fireworks over here.


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5. Visit Paceville

Fancy going clubbing? Might as well party till the early hours of New Year’s Day, Gather some friends and head out to Paceville. The atmosphere will be charged and the experience will be irreplaceable.


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We wish you all a prosperous 2018! Drink sensibly - there are numerous cab services round Malta.

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