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The Essential 2-day Malta itinerary (5 top things)

Did you assign yourself a limited 48 hours to tour the Maltese Islands? Although 2 days aren’t enough of a Malta itinerary to discover the island's beauties, here are 5 things you HAVE to do in order to fulfill your stay in Malta.
Malta Itinerary

1. Taste the Maltese Cuisine 

Although the Maltese have adopted many traditions from their colonisers, Maltese cuisine remains one of a kind. Your limited time shouldn’t have you miss out on a delicious rabbit stew or the divine Maltese pastizzi! 

2. Explore a Maltese heritage site

Malta is acclaimed for its historically rich areas, so visiting a heritage site is a must when you’re on the island. If you’re tight on time, simply choose a site closest to your accommodation and spare it a look on your way out in the morning. 

3. Visit Malta’s capital cities

If you’re considering a trip to Malta, we’re sure you’re aware that Valletta is its current capital city. Did you know that Mdina used to hold this title back in Medieval times, though? We thought so! Irregardless of how limited your time on the island is, make sure to check out these two beautiful cities to discover the battles they have lived and the beauty they have acquired over the years. 

4. Watch the sunset on Dingli cliffs (or anywhere really)

The Dingli Cliffs are lined with benches overlooking the extending panoramic view. Make sure to grab a seat before 5pm on a clear day. If you’re lucky, you might catch a glimpse of Comino, before the sun starts setting. The view makes for the ultimate romantic spot! Actually, if you're not around Dingli, any spot where you can experience a sunset over the sea is great!

5. Go for a boat ride 

The Maltese are proud of their seas. So no matter how limited your timeline is, experiencing a boat ride is a must. Embark on a boat ride and explore the Maltese seas. A one hour trip around the Maltese harbours will leave you awestruck! 
So there you go! As limiting as 48 hours can be, Malta has plenty to offer! We hope you make the most out of it!
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