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Exploring Valletta at Night

Valletta, named after its founder, La Vallette, is an absolute gem in its element. The chaotic scene throughout the day may obscure its beauty but when the city falls silent, its shadows reveal a whole other side of it. A side worth exploring.

As Manoel Theatre’s floors fill with enthusiasts, Valletta comes to life.

Valletta at Night

Watch the sky devour the sun as the moon takes its place. This scene does for great photography. Especially from the Waterfront. Dine in one of the restaurants overlaying the front while you’re there, or, alternatively, enjoy a lively night out at one of the bars.

You don't need to just watch the sunset from the solid ground, though. Opt for an evening ferry ride from Valletta and watch the sky catch fire as you snuggle with your loved one.

Valletta’s streets animate in the evening with its buskers in the street. People wander the city, chatting and drifting aimlessly but fulfillingly. Follow the stream of people on Friday nights, and find your way to the Bridge Bar, led by the jazz tunes that fill the city at night.

Visit St.George’s square and enjoy the beautifully lit fountains.

Enjoy a light dinner with your friends and loved ones as you sip on a chilled glass of wine in the city.

A night out has never been so peaceful and pleasant. Roaming in the shadows can be advantageous after all.

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