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The fireworks of Malta and the story behind the pyrotechnic tradition

Fireworks represent everything that the Maltese are - celebrational and loud. Firework enthusiasts pay good money (and much of their time) every year to participate in the beautiful tradition that is fireworks.

In total, there are some 32 fireworks factories in Malta - that's a huge number given the area of the country and population density.

The Ministry for Tourism and the Malta Tourism Authority holds an annual International Fireworks Festival (which we've featured as part of our Best Time to Visit Malta) which features foreign pyrotechnic companies as well as some of the best local fireworks factories. The event is free and showcases the artisany that is fireworks.

Aeriel Malta fireworks

The firework trade goes back to the time of the Order of the knights of St. John. The knights would fire the pyrotechnic devices in order to;

  • celebrate the birth of a prince,
  • announce the election of a new pope and
  • celebrate the feast of the patron saint of the Knights - St. John.

Nowadays, fireworks have become a common hobby. Young adults try their hand at it and carry on the tradition to the generations that follow.

A common firework display showcased at feasts is the ġigġifogu (a corruption of the italian word gioci di fuoco). These are traditionally ground-based fireworks, featuring various mechanisms with different rotating ground wheels that shoots fireworks out of its sides, or create complex designs and motions using the rotational power of the fireworks.

Ġigġifogu features predominantly in village feasts. 

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