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Why you should visit Malta for Isle of MTV - 5 more reasons (besides the music)

Don’t constrain yourself to Isle of MTV solely during your stay in Malta this Summer, make sure you check out these 5 other things Malta has going for it.

1. Beaches 

If you’re coming to Malta for the Isle of MTV, then you’ll be here just in time for the warm weather. Make sure to pack some swimwear with you to avoid disappointment! Finding a beach isn’t difficult, it’s finding an empty one that is. Make sure to head out early in the morning to guarantee yourself a strategic place! 

2. Food

Maltese cuisine is renowned by its few acquaintances to be delicious! Most tourists who have visited Malta, in fact, try to recreate pastizzi back home. Make sure you visit a Maltese restaurant during your stay or go to an old fashioned ‘pastizzeria’ to get the full experience. 

3. The people

The Maltese are known to be a friendly population. Trust us; they’re worth the visit! You’ll make friends throughout your stay, and leave every location you visit with a big smile on your face. Malta also happens to have one of the lowest criminal rates in Europe!

4. History

We understand that the majority of you will be visiting Malta for the thrill IOMTV has to offer but we’re sure the intellects in you won’t mind visiting a few museums and heritage sites. Malta oozes with history, in fact, Valletta is recognised as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Simply take a day to tour Valletta and you’ll leave the island more cultured than ever!

5. Other festivals

If the music festival is the only reason you’ll be visiting Malta this coming Summer, then why not check out one of the other festivals being held during your stay. Whether you’re an artist, pacifist or foodie, Malta’s festivals cater for all.

We wish you a vacation full of fun and memorable experiences! 

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